This project reviews the implications of Paris-aligned net-zero decarbonisation for Sasol Limited’s Secunda and Sasolburg facilities and their upstream and downstream value chains. It explores the complexity of inter-connections, towards highlighting opportunities and risks to a just transition in a systematic way.

To achieve this outcome, a structured approach was developed for analysts and decision-makers to engage with the challenge. This approach is inclusive of multiple knowledge dimensions and perspectives, and foregrounds current realities and future uncertainties. A Briefing Note outlining this methodology can be found here, intended for those interested in adapting the analysis for other emitting assets in both developed and developing country contexts.

The project’s analytical content is structured to convey a particular approach to the content, and is presented in both a website format, and a downloadable interactive non-linear presentation. A link to website is found here, and a link to the presentation can be found below. The presentation opens up in slide show mode which is the best way to navigate your way through it.

An explainer video can also be found below which shows you how to navigate the presentation and provides a summary of the study.